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A lot of heart
a little crazy
27 year old fangirl from Norway.

This is a multifandom blog, with heavy focus on Lost Girl and
Orphan Black, but not exclusively.

I sometimes make videos, gif's and graphics, and reblog a whole bunch of the pretty stuff that come across my dash, mostly relating to fandom, but occasionally random stuff too.

Have a look around, and enjoy your stay!

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Lost Girl
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lost girl


Bobo returns

lost girl



So cute!!!!!!

Rachel Skarsten as little Tamsin.

lost girl


Let’s see how many people ship Valkubus! 

Still ship it.

lost girl

30 days of valkubus

└ day 2 - favourite (season 3) tamsin quote
lost girl


requested by ciaraobreen

lost girl

tamsin meme » 2/2 quotes

lost girl


Lost Girl - F o r e s h a d o w i n g

lost girl


And it’s always looking at her.

lost girl
lost girl

"I'm the harbinger of death.”

lost girl

with a spirit running wild, running free (x)

lost girl
Anonymous :
What the hell is going with lost girl this season??
I replied :

Your guess is as good as mine! This season has been a total train wreck, I’m sad to say.

Here’s hoping season 5 will be better :)

lost girl the ask and the answer
lost girl bo dennis kenzi kenzi malikov Bo x Kenzi alostgirlworld * graphic; lost girl

Bo and Tamsin + Kenzi

lost girl
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